Ada Readers Program

The Ada Readers Program encourages children to read books to earn badges and tokens to attend a special night honoring students and featuring local authors and illustrators.
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FHN and FHE Unite for Common Cause

Although rivals on the football field, Northern and Eastern high schools come together in athletic events to raise money for Grand Rapids Home for Veterans and Milan’s Miracle Fund.
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Showcasing Technology to Legislators

Students from Knapp Forest Elementary were selected to showcase the use of technology in education to Michigan legislators at the capitol building in December.
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Stand Up! Speak Out!

Students and Staff at Central Woodlands 5/6 School  “Stand Up” “Speak Out” and “Stand With” to create a culture of caring.
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Ranger Football Frenzy

Central High School Rangers football program and fans take time to raise money for local charities, including Gilda’s Club.
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Welcome to Forest Hills Public Schools!

Forest Hills Public Schools is a place where ALL learners achieve their individual potential.  We are a school district whose success is rooted in its residents coming together to do what is best for children and their future.  Forest Hills continues to set the standards of excellence in education and it is where education transcends classroom boundaries.  Excellence happens daily in our classrooms, on our playing fields, on our stages and performance halls, in our community and beyond.  Take a closer look at Forest Hills Public Schools, and experience the Forest Hills pride that resonates throughout our schools.

District News and Headlines

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November 18, 20145 days ago

Update on Gone Boarding Class and Burton partnership

Recently the Gone Boarding class from Forest Hills Eastern High School traveled to Vermont to create a partnership between the class here in Grand Rapids and the top-rated snowboard company. Take a look at the result of their trip and what’s next for Gone Boarding.

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November 14, 20149 days ago

World Kindness Day...more than just a day in Forest Hills

Did you know that Thursday, Nov. 13 was World Kindness Day?  Well students in Forest Hills are taking that one-day celebration and turning it into a six-week initiative. From kindness cards, to kindness challenges, students at Forest Hills Eastern are sharing kindness throughout the entire student body and school staff.

Check out what they’ve been doing to create a culture of kindness. 

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November 12, 201411 days ago

Lunch with Veterans creates lasting memories

Many schools throughout the district honored veterans yesterday as part of National Veterans Day.  From students attending school assemblies and learning from men and women who serve or have served our country, to children writing letters to our troops, Veterans Day was one with purpose and meaning for our students.  Pine Ridge Elementary School hosted a special lunch for Veterans, something they have been doing for almost 10 years.  This year, almost 70 veterans joined the children to share stories and a meal, but more importantly to share their valuable time with today’s generation.

For more information about the Pine Ridge story covered by mLive, click here. 

(Photo courtesy of Kyle Moroney, mLive)


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November 11, 201412 days ago

FHPS Launches new website dedicated to its language immersion programs

Have you ever wondered what dual language immersion education is all about?  At Forest Hills Public Schools we are dedicated to and are driven by our vision of all learners achieving individual potential.  In our district’s two dual language immersion programs, we adhere to this district vision in two languages.  Whether your avenue is Early-Total Spanish Immersion or 50/50 Immersion in Mandarin Chinese, there are pathways to bilingualism and bi-literacy through immersion education beginning in kindergarten here in FHPS!

Click here to visit our new immersion site and learn more about our programs.