Welcome to Northern Trails 5/6 School!


Welcome to Northern Trails 5/6 School located within the Forest Hills School District, one of our Nation’s great public school systems!  It’s our pleasure to welcome you to our school, home of the Huskies!

At Trails, interdisciplinary teams of teachers provide students with the academic and social/emotional supports they need. Students begin their day in homeblock to get organized, make a connection, and review their schedule for the day. These small teams teach the core subjects and teachers will group and re-group their students to differentiate lessons. While in encore classes, students mix with another team of students to get to know their grade level classmates.  Our encore classes include world language (Spanish or Mandarin Chinese), technology, art, physical education, fifth grade general music, and sixth grade band, orchestra, or choir.

We recognize that not all students learn at the same pace as their peers.  Northern Trails offers gifted and talented programs, Response to Intervention programming, Michigan At-Risk Interventionists, and Title I supports to ensure all learners achieve their individual potential.  Special education staff and English Language learner programs are also essential components of our school program.

As a school, we embrace a Husky Pack Mentality philosophy, which we define as Huskies – noun, plural. “Highly intelligent, sensitive and energetic. They are funny, playful, athletic and love, in fact NEED to be with their pack and family. They were bred to run and need daily exercise. As part of the pack, they take care of one another and visitors. Members of the pack speak more than 40 world languages.  The pack’s strength has origins from all over the world. Their teachers are irrationally crazy about them!” This definition lies at the center of our school culture.  By taking care of one another, we all benefit.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about the district and what makes Northern Trails so unique.

We hope you find this website to be a useful resource for information – whether you are a prospective family, parent, student, or a community stakeholder. The Google calendar is updated regularly with event details and special events.  Like all websites, you will be able to find lots of information, interesting news and facts, and helpful tools.  However, even with the best modern technology has to offer, sometimes there is no substitute for a human connection.  We invite you to visit our main officeemail us, or contact us at (616) 493-8990  where we will be happy to help you.

Thank you for your interest in and your support of Northern Trails 5/6 School.

All the best!

Susan L. Gutierrez

Susan Gutierrez


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April 13, 2015 @ 12:38 pm

Protecting the School Aid Fund

April 13, 2015

Dear Forest Hills Families,

This letter is the second of three letters to Forest Hills families regarding the important issue of funding for Michigan’s schools.  Thank you for your response to my first letter regarding School Aid Fund dollars being used to cover items that previously were supported by the state’s general purpose fund known as the General Fund.  Unfortunately, state leaders did indeed enact a mid-year budgetary change that will result in the School Aid Fund having $250 million less in it at the end of the fiscal year than if they had left the money alone.  Many people expressed the common concern that this money was being used for things other than support of Michigan’s public schools.  The purpose of this letter is to explain how the upcoming May 5, 2015, ballot proposal known as “Proposal 1” would address the issue of allowable uses of School Aid Fund dollars.

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August 22, 2011 @ 2:36 pm

Superintendent's Welcome

Welcome to Forest Hills Public Schools, one of our nation’s great public school systems!

Our schools and our community are focused on a common aim of doing what is best for children.  Throughout the history of our school district, our community and our staff have given their time, their talents, and their treasure to ensure that each child has what she or he needs to unlock their unique and limitless potential.  These gifts manifest themselves in our smaller schools, our small teacher to child ratio, and our belief in keeping kids “younger longer” and not artificially accelerating the natural process of becoming an adult.  We feel strongly that children need space and time to grow, nurtured by high expectations and loving support.

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