Welcome to Forest Hills Public Schools!

Our goal is that all learners achieve their individual potential.

The Forest Hills School District was founded in 1956 when residents in 13 neighboring, one-room schools consolidated into one district to build a high school for their children.
Today, the District has grown to serve over 10,000 students within a district that encompasses 68 square miles–one of the largest school districts in the State of Michigan.

Every year, we welcome new students to the Forest Hills District. Yet small class sizes (our student to teacher ratio is 25:1), and moderately sized schools help the district to feel smaller and enable us to stay more connected.

The staff at Forest Hills Public Schools is committed to knowing every student’s interests and gifts, and to providing the educational opportunities that will maximize each one’s preparation for the future.  In Forest Hills, our Board of Education leads the way in making every decision based on “what’s best for kids.”

Proof of our commitment to academic excellence can be found in the resources and programs available to students and their families.

School Configurations:

• 5 K-4 elementary schools
• 2 K-6 elementary schools
• 1 K-4 Spanish Immersion School
• 2 5-6 only schools
• 1 5-6 environmental school
• 3 7-8 middle schools
• 3 9-12 high schools
• 1 alternative 9/12 high school

Highlights include:

~Teacher/student ratio is 25:1 overall

~Gifted and Talented consultants, counselors, social workers, psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, resource room teachers, special education teachers, math support, reading specialists

~Technology is integrated across the curriculum

~Comprehensive media centers, K-12

~English as a Second Language program

~Alternative education for high school students

~Traditional and Spanish Immersion preschools (fee based)

~Chinese Immersion Program started with kindergarten in 2008-09

~Forest Hills Spanish Immersion Program:  Preschool is available at Ada Vista Elementary; K-4 grades are at Ada Vista Elementary Spanish Immersion School; 5/6 grades are at Northern Trails; 7/8 grades are at Northern Middle School; and 9-12 grades are at Northern High School.  

Click here for an introduction to our K-12 Spanish Immersion Program

~Team teaching in grades 5 and 6

~Wide range of exploratory classes and electives in choir, band, orchestra, drama, foreign languages, science, math, technology, and art for grades 5-12

~Magnet environmental education program for fifth and sixth grades

~Approximately 174 high school courses in 12 departments, including 19 AP courses

~95 percent of our graduates pursue post-secondary education

~Students at Forest Hills Public Schools are known by faculty and administrators, and they receive the individualized attention and the tools they need to grow into the people they are meant to be.

~Each school has a reputation for academic excellence–all of Forest Hills’ schools have made the Top 100 Schools in Michigan list.

~Excellent sports teams; dynamic art, music, and drama programs; clubs and special interest organizations; and established service opportunities provide students the chance to shine in areas beyond academics.

Forest Hills Public Schools is proud of the work we do to prepare learners for life in an evolving and expanding world. We have excellent staff, quality facilities, and a vision for the future of education. Our students’ potential is the key to our future, and we are excited to help unlock that potential.


In partnership with our community, Forest Hills Public Schools will provide all learners with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to build meaningful and productive lives.


Guiding Principles

We believe Forest Hills Public Schools is a learning organization, built upon integrity, and to this end:

We are committed to the principle of Caring.
We believe in:
maintaining a family atmosphere
supporting each other
being warm, sincere and genuine
accepting and including everyone
confronting the tough issues
keeping each other safe and secure

We are committed to the principle of Collaboration.
We believe in:
solving problems together
working toward win/win
building partnerships
sharing best practices
being generous
engaging parents as full partners

We are committed to the principle of Open Communication.
We believe in:
promoting trust
building community through dialogue
encouraging participation from all

We are committed to the principle of Diversity and Inclusiveness.
We believe in:
helping students value their unique talents and gifts
knowing, understanding and appreciating each other
valuing individual differences
celebrating our heritage
healing racism
embracing differences to enrich, strengthen and connect our
striving for equity
considering all viewpoints to arrive at better decisions

We are committed to the principle of High Expectations.
We believe in:
expecting all children to learn
requiring all to give their best
providing opportunities for all to contribute
assuming parents want what’s best for their child
maintaining high academic standards
offering challenging opportunities
helping students make healthy choices
contributing to the development of good character

We are committed to the principle of Learning.
We believe in:
learning for its own sake
offering a range of educational opportunities
providing diverse experiences
individualizing learning programs
accommodating multiple intelligences and learning styles
preparing students for lifelong learning
providing quality resources
accessing the world beyond our classrooms

We are committed to the principle of Respect.
We believe in:
fostering high regard for self and others
modeling civility
appreciating differences
adhering to our code of conduct
having zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviors

We are committed to the principle of Trust.
We believe in:
being honest
being consistent
being loyal
assuming others’ intentions are good
keeping promises
demonstrating good stewardship


Problems or Concerns?

If you have questions or concerns about a situation at your child’s school, please follow this course of action:

  1. First, discuss your question or concern with your child’s teacher.
  2. If you feel you have not received a satisfactory answer or solution, contact the school principal.
  3. If the principal does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, the next step is a meeting with one of the assistant superintendents and then the superintendent.
  4. The final step, if necessary, is to request an appearance before the Board of Education. If you wish to address the Board, you must notify the superintendent in writing at least five days before the Board is scheduled to meet. Your letter must also describe the problem or concern you wish to discuss.

By following this procedure, your questions and concerns about school-related matters can and will be resolved.