We Stand Up. We Think Visibly. We are CW!

Welcome to Central Woodlands!

Our staff works hard to provide an education that engages the inquiring minds of our students.  At Central Woodlands, we take pride in providing learning opportunities that allow the thinking of our students to be visible and in order to reach their individual potential.  Our school is filled with adults who will do anything to make sure your child has a wonderful experience every day at school.  We pride ourselves on creating a “Stand Up” culture where students “Stand Up, Speak Out and Stand With!”  Our mission is to provide all learners with opportunities to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to build meaningful and productive lives. Our school would not be what it is without the partnership and support of our community.  We encourage you to be an active participant in our school community and to volunteer as much as you can!

We invite you to visit our main office or contact our main office number at 616-493-8790 where we will be happy to help you!

Thank you for your support of Central Woodlands!





David Simpson


Latest Central Woodlands News

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December 11, 20148 days ago


Central Woodlands was honored to have Mrs. Bouley and Mr. Simpson present at the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association annual conference in Traverse City.  The presentation shared CW’s “Stand Up” story about the work we do to create a culture of “Standing Up, Speaking Out, and Standing With.”  Principals from across the state were amazed at the culture at Central Woodlands.  They saw example after example of how our students Stand Up on a daily basis.  Please read Mr. Simpson’s latest blog post about the presentation.  It can be found at http://goo.gl/sN9cAX

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December 11, 20148 days ago

Kid's Food Basket!

All we can say is Wow!  Over the past few weeks, students from our school have been collecting items for the Kid’s Food Basket.  Different halls were assigned various food items to bring in for this cause.  This project was only possible because of the leadership of our H.I.T. Team and Ms. Shavalier!  A huge thank you to all the families that supported this worthwhile cause.  This is just another example of how our students are STANDING UP, SPEAKING OUT, AND STANDING WITH our community!

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November 12, 20141 month ago

Veteran's Day at CW

On Veteran’s Day, students and staff at CW spent time learning more about Veteran’s Day.  It was a wonderful assembly that challenged students to “step inside” what it is like in a military family.  Melissa Smith, a 5th grade teacher at CW, shared her experiences of being a military wife.  We then were able to hear from her husband, Lt. Col. Smith about the sacrifices he has made serving our country!  One our our 6th grade students present Lt. Col. Smith with his very own CW Stand Up T-Shirt!  All of us at CW thank our Veterans for their heroism and service!


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November 7, 20141 month ago

CW Ski and Snowboard Club

As the days get colder and the first snow of the season approaches, it is time to start thinking about what to do for fun during the winter.  If you love to ski or snowboard, come on out and join us at Cannonsburg ski area for CW ski club.  Just click on the link below for more information.  We hope to see you on the slopes this winter!

Ski Club Letter 2015

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November 3, 20141 month ago

CW Skating Party!

Our first of four skating parties will be on Tuesday, November 4th from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Woodland Skating Center on 28th St.  This is a fun time for students and part of the admission fee goes towards our student activities fund!  Students brought home a flyer and permission form that needs to be given to Woodland Skating Center.  If you lost yours, please click here for another copy!  We hope to see you there!